CTAO for Scientists

As the CTAO nears construction and operations, the anticipation for its scientific results is growing. Scientists from around the world are engaged in the scientific development and construction of the CTAO, which will be the first observatory of its kind to operate as an open, proposal-driven observatory providing public access to its high-level science data and software products. With its superior performance, the prospects for the CTAO combine the in-depth understanding of known objects with the anticipated detection of new classes of gamma-ray emitters and a great potential for fundamentally new discoveries, expanding the number of known gamma-ray objects by up to 1,000 new sources.

The CTAO will transform our understanding of the high-energy Universe by seeking to address a wide range of questions in astrophysics and fundamental physics.

  1. Understanding the Origin and Role of Relativistic Cosmic Particles
  2. Probing Extreme Environments
  3. Exploring Frontiers in Physics

The CTAO will provide a very wide energy range, excellent angular and energy resolution and sensitivity in comparison to any existing gamma-ray detector. With its ability to detect energies between 20 GeV and 300 TeV and its unprecedented resolution, the CTAO will be able to observe further than ever before, providing a completely new view of the sky.

Search our library for a wide range of journal publications on scientific and technical topics written by CTAO partners, including members of the CTAO Consortium.

The CTAO will be building on the technology of current generation ground-based gamma-ray detectors (H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS) with an expected five to tenfold increase in the number of known gamma-ray-emitting celestial objects.

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The CTAO is always looking to engage new and future scientists within and beyond the gamma-ray astrophysics and particle physics communities. Beyond joining us as a partner or an investor, explore the following opportunities to participate in CTAO science:

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