CTAO Outreach & Education

The CTAO’s charge exceeds its scientific potential – it is committed to advancing human knowledge and promoting stronger global cooperation for the common good. The CTAO strives to be accessible, fair and transparent in its quest to propel the progression of science, technology and education for a more sustainable and equitable world.

The outreach and education initiatives on these pages are managed by the CTAO Central Organisation’s Communications Office with the assistance of the CTAO Outreach Committee, which is made up of 60 representatives from the CTAO Consortium. If you would like to collaborate or need assistance, contact us to be connected with an outreach representative from your region.

CTAO for Educators

Explore the high-energy Universe and the technology behind the CTAO in the classroom or at home with these fun and educational materials and tools.


Whether it’s virtually or at locations across the globe, we’re always looking for opportunities to connect.

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