Journey Through the Extreme Universe

In April 2021, the CTAO launched the monthly webinar series “Journey through the Extreme Universe,” which was livestreamed via the CTAO YouTube and Facebook channels. The series aimed to take viewers on an exciting exploration of the Cosmos, delving into the powerful high-energy Universe. The webinars provided a comprehensive overview of the science and technology behind the CTAO, covering topics ranging from our own Galaxy to the mysteries of dark matter. The series was designed to engage and educate a broad and diverse audience, regardless of their background, while also providing a platform to address and answer attendees’ questions.

The journey took off in April and concluded in December 2021, featuring presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • CTAO: An introduction to the Observatory and the exciting field of gamma-ray astronomy
  • Technology: telescopes and technique used by the CTAO to study gamma rays indirectly from the ground
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Galactic Sources
  • Extragalactic Universe
  • Dark Matter
  • Transients
  • Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger Universe

All the webinar videos have been archived in a dedicated playlist on the CTAO YouTube channel, serving as a resource for education and outreach initiatives in the field of gamma-ray astronomy.

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