On behalf of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory (CTAO) and the Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium (CTAC), we would like to express our full and unconditional support for the citizens of Ukraine, who are suffering a military attack by Russia. We follow with grave concern the critical situation in the country and the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian population and especially with our CTA colleagues, with whom we are in constant contact. Please remember that you have the complete support of CTAO and CTAC, and that we are prepared to transmit and coordinate any help you need within our groups.

Many scientific institutions, some of which are part of CTAC, have already taken measures to support Ukrainian researchers and sanctions in the research field in response to the Russian attack. Science, as a key element for social development, must contribute to address challenges worldwide to promote and achieve peaceful and inclusive societies. As an international observatory, we are committed to foster peaceful collaboration globally and we strongly condemn the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

We hope that the aggression ceases immediately and that peace is restored in Ukraine again.

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Statement of Support for Ukraine - CTAO