The CTAO Council

The CTAO Central Organisation (CTAO gGmbH) has been preparing the design and implementation of the Observatory since 2014 thanks to the support of its governing body, the CTAO Council. The Council is comprised of 11 member countries and one intergovernmental organisation, as well as associate members from two countries.


Chair, CTAO Council: Markus Schleier

Vice-Chair, CTAO Council: Massimo Cappi

Managing Directors, CTAO gGmbH: Stuart McMuldroch and Federico Ferrini

Advisory Bodies

The CTAO Council is supported by three advisory committees:

Purpose: To advise the Council on matters of administrative, legal and financial nature.

Chair: Chiara Guiccione

Purpose: To assess the process of calls for in-kind contributions to the CTAO, evaluate proposals received, provide recommendations on the selection of the proposals to the Council and to advise on the contracting and reviewing process of in-kind contributions.

Chair: Richard Schilizzi

Vice Chair: Christian Fabjan

Purpose: To advise the CTAO Council and provide recommendations based on the assessment of the scientific and technical activities carried out for the CTAO construction project.

Chair: Adrian Russel

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