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In April 2021, CTA will launch two new webinar series – one for astronomy researchers and another for anyone and everyone interested in astronomy.For the researchers, the “Synergies in the Exploration of the Extreme Universe” webinar series is focused on the various multi-wavelength (MWL) and multi-messenger (MM) synergies of CTA’s scientific goals. Webinars will take place on the fourth Thursday of every month via Zoom, alternating the time for each webinar (17:00 UTC or 09:00 UTC) to make the live connection more accessible to scientists in different time zones. Participation is open and free to all researchers who subscribe to the series. Information about the next seminar and the access for each month’s webinar will be shared via email to all subscribers.

Organized jointly by the CTA Observatory (CTAO) and the CTA Consortium (CTAC), particularly, the CTA MWL Task Force, the objective of “Synergies in the Exploration of the Extreme Universe” is to enhance CTA’s engagement with the broad astronomy science community, to build bridges with external groups within the MWL and MM field, as well as to keep the CTA community up to date about the MWL developments and instrumentation relevant to CTA science. You can find more information on the CTA website.

For our everyday astronomy fans, the “Journey through the Extreme Universe” webinar series will take participants on a series of exciting “missions” to explore the Universe via the science cases and technology of CTA. It will be livestreamed via the CTA YouTube and Facebook feeds every month on a Wednesday at 17:00 UTC. The series launches on 28 April with an introductory talk about the CTA Observatory, after which different “mission commanders” will cover topics like cosmic rays, dark matter and star-forming regions. There is no subscription necessary for this remote journey through the Universe. Just head to the event webpage or follow us on social media for more information!

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Two New Webinar Series Launch in April 2021 - CTAO