Carola Dobrigkeit: Unveiling Cosmic Rays from Brazil

Carola Dobrigkeit was the first woman to hold a position at the Gleb Wataghin Institute of Physics within the Department of Cosmic Rays and Chronology at Unicamp, where she dedicated her career to the exploration of the cosmic rays, the most energetic particles of the Universe. Explore her life in this “Building from Diversity” article.

Enrique Pérez Montero: A Living Oxymoron

“Enrique is blind and an astronomer, or rather, Enrique is a blind astronomer. A living oxymoron.” Enrique Pérez lost his sight years ago, but that didn’t stop him from exploring the Universe: he kept working in the field and became a leader in science and outreach. Read about how Enrique Pérez is making astronomy accessible to people with visual impairment and how he is influencing scientists and science communicators around the world in this “Building from Diversity” article.

Chien-Shiung Wu: The Queen of Nuclear Research

In the eleventh article of the CTAO’s “Building from Diversity” series, Marianna Giustino, MSc. Student in Physics at the Collegio Universitario Luciano Fonda, presents the life and achievements of the brilliant Chien-Shiung Wu, nicknamed “The Queen of Nuclear Research” for her undoubtely valuable contributions in the field.

Bibha Chowdhuri: A Ray of Light

In the tenth article of the CTAO’s “Building from Diversity” series, Atreyee Sinha (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Ritam Sinha (University of Jerusalem) delve into the life and achievements of Bibha Chowdhuri, first Indian woman to pursue a Ph.D. in physics, whose work on extensive air showers paved the way to our field nowadays.